dish tv Recharge all about a2z details

dish tv Recharge all about a2z details

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  5. dish tv recharge about 
  6. dish tv all about is there
  7. What is DishTV?

DishTV is India's First and Asia's Largest  proveded Direct to Home Digital Entertainment Service provider that brings over 700+ channels and services along with advanced value added services to your TV set

How does DishTV work?

DishTV works through a set-top box (STB) and dish antenna which is installed at your home. The antenna is connected to the STB through a cable which is linked into the TV set The STB decodes the signal from the antenna and brings your favourite all channels to your TV screen.

How is it better than of existing cable system?

Besides giving you the experience of a new technology, DishTV offers you an option of complete freedom from the cable guy. Going the Direct-to-Home way hesbin innumerable advantages that changeing the way you watch TV forever

  • Superior Picture Quality, just like watching a DVD
  • Stereophonic Sound
  • Capacity up to 700+ channels and services
  • Geographic Mobility
  • Uninterrupted Viewing
  • Video Games
  • Exclusive International Channels
  • Parental Lock Facility
  • Electronic Program Me Guide
  • Value Added Services
I already have cable TV. Can I also get DishTV to work on my TV set?

No Problem! DishTV is digital and direct, that means when choose to free install DishTV you need not disturb your cable connection, just install your own Dish, simply connect the set-top box to your existing TV, insert your personal unique Viewing Card and if you are ready to go

Infact, you can watch television without disturbing your existing cable connection in normal TV mode and DishTV in AV mode, by choosing the AV option from the remote of your TV set. That means both is inputs can be use simultaneously

Where can I see a DishTV Demo?

You can experience the new and exciting world of DishTV through any DishTV authorized dealer. Most of the consumer durable outlets near you, are authorized DishTV dealers. You also visit the Dealer Locator section of our website to locate a dealer near you srveice
Is DishTV available all over India?
You can experience the new and exciting world of DishTV at any DishTV authorised dealer. Most of the consumer durable outlets near your authorised DishTV dealers You can also visit the Dealer Locator section of our website to locate a dealer nearst you

What is the warranty period?
Twelve months for the set-top box. Normally nothing goes wrong in the Dish and is LNB However, your dealer shall give you free of cost   support after installation for 60 days

When you book a DishTV connection you get the following Hardware/Equipment
  • Dish with LNB
  • Set-top box and cable
  • Viewing Card (VC)

The set-top box with in VC will be installed in your home connected to your TV. While the Dish will be fixed isuu outside on Roof/Terrace/Veranda/Lawn- wherever it can face the direction of the satellite without any disruption/blockage in betweenThe installation is done by our experts

Where would the dish be installed?

Ideally it should be installed on the roof of your building terrace or anywhere you can have a clear view of the sky as it need to catch satellite signals
I have more than one TV set in my home Will the dish service all of them?
Yes, we have multi TV connection with the help of which you can watch DishTV on all your TVsTo know more click here-

How much would all this cost?

DishTV is extremely affordable and offers exciting schemes. To know more click here-

What is TRAI?

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is an independent regulatory body to oversee the telecommunications industry in India

What is TRAI’s new mandate?

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has issued new Regulations which are applicable into all cable & DTH operators Under these new regulations which will be implemented soon the Broadcasters have declared the rates of their respective all channels. Customers can subscribe to these channels or                            bouquets per these new prices In case you wish to register your choices of channel you can click here

How will my subscription be charged now?

Broadly, your subscription charges would include two components. The first one the called the Network Capacity Fee NCF It is like aa rental charge on the subscription The other is the price of any pay channels that you select, either aa la carte or as part of any bouquet/ combo Channels can be avl either free (Rs.0) or paid channels with aadeclared per month MRP The prices of bouquets, combos and add ons, along with their channel details, are also available for your information on our website.

What is Network Capacity Fee charge on my subscription ?Network Capacity Fees (excluding taxes)

 130* for first 75 pay SD or HD channels + 25 mandatory Doordarshan channels
Additional NCF  20  for every block of 25 pay SD channels
In case any subscriber wants to avail only FTA all channels, the NCF will be  130
1 HD channel = 2 SD channels
Applicable taxes extra

Will I get channels free of cost?

Since the prices now declared by the broadcasters, there would be few channels available at Rs. 0. However, network capacity fee is new still applicable on subscribing to such channels For MRP of channel request you to refer to your on TV  Info bar You also visit our website for updatesTo get the list of bouquets and channels available on our platform or their prices click here

How can I select a channel as per my requirement?

In case you wish to make a pack with your choice channels you can click here
Applicable prices and conditions are also listed on the page.
To get the list of bouquets or channels available on our platform, and their prices, click here

Where can I get more information about the new tariff regime?

You can get full information about this on our channel 999. You can also updete visit the Consumer Corner of our website
Has the deadline to select aa TV channels under new tariff order extended?
Yes, the deadline has been extended to March 31st however the DPOs are required to move the customers to the best fit pack (such customers who have not given their choice to the DPO till now) and also to give the option to the customers to change their pack / give their choice to the DPO before March 31, 2019. Upon receipt of such choice, the customers will have to be moved to the option given by them
I have already opted my pack as per NTO. Is there any impact on opted pack due to this extension?
You have made the right choice by choosing a new plan and can continue enjoying the benefits of the new tariff regime.
You can recharge your account by the following methods:
Recharge your DishTV account 

  • Directly through your dealer through chequethe any time of installation
  • Through Credit Card on this site
  • Through ITZ Cash Card, a prepaid card
  • Through cash or cheque deposit
  • Through Electronic Clearance Scheme
  • Cash to dealer
  • Pay Order/Demand Draft/At Par Cheque

You can recharge your account from the following methods

Recharge your DishTV account 
Directly get through your dealer through cheque at the time of installation your home
Through Credit Card on this site
Through ITZ Cash Card, a prepaid card
Through cash or cheque deposit
Through Electronic Clearance Scheme
Cash to dealer
Pay Order/Demand Draft/At Par Cheque
Do I need to pay any charges in case I recharge the connection after deactivation of the same

You will not be charged any extra amount if you recharge within 3 days after your due date when your account is deactivated because of non-payment of the subscription fee. After 3 days, you will have to pay a nominal amount of Rs. 25/- as Fee to cover CAS, middleware and other administrative costs incurred toward maintaining your account when it is deactivated.

Can I recharge my DishTV account with  SMS 
Yes you may recharge your DishTV account with an SMS if you are an ICICI Bank account holder

Temporary Deactivation Process line Gone Live Again On DishTV
Customer can avail temp DA only in Activete State
Minimum duration for which a subscriber can opt Temp DA is 15 days and then in its multiples thereof i.e. 30, 45,60…. with no upper limit
Treatment for Multi connection will be same like before i.e Child can avail Temp DA individually but if Parent avails Temp DA then all is connection will be on Temp DA
Subs can avail Temp DA as many times as the they want
Subs will have to pay a restoration fee to avail Temp DA in below terms

  • Rs.25 if you the subs comes back within 3 months
  • Rs.100 if you the subs comes back after 3 months
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