How to know if you have been blocked on WhatsApp

How to know if you have been blocked on WhatsApp

This should not return as a surprise, however among all the options that instant electronic communication app WhatsApp should supply, one in all they are obstructing a contact you now not want to speak to.
While there is no positive shot thanks to realizing this (apart from the contact telling you this, of course) their area unit some of the tell-tale signs that may a variety of make sure that so you've got been blocked. If you're in a very scenario wherever you're feeling that you simply are blocked by somebody however aren't positive attempt these steps:

1. Look for the contact's last seen or online within the chat window hunt for the contact's last seen or online within the chat window

This is the primary and also the easiest method to visualize if you've got been blocked. whereas simply this is often no confirmation because the contact could have simply modified their "last seen" settings, however, it's positively among one in all the indications.

2. Look for updates to the contact's profile exposure

In case you're blocked on WhatsApp, a user's profile image can ne'er modification to you and you may perpetually see the exposure that they place after they were chatting with you. If you cannot see the changes, you will are blocked.

3. Send a message to the contact

Any messages sent to a contact UN agency has blocked you may perpetually show one check, which suggests that the message was sent from your facet, however ne'er updated to a countercheck mark which suggests the message has been delivered.

4. Call the contact

Any makes an attempt to position a decision through WhatsApp to the contact UN agency could have blocked you may won't undergo.

5.Create a WhatsApp cluster with the contact

Readers should note that each one the higher than associate attempt|tries} will fail by an easy network error still and thus cannot be thought of a final revelation that you simply are blocked, this trial can clear all doubts you've got. attempt to build WhatsApp cluster with the contact you're feeling has blocked you. If you're greeted by a message oral communication "you aren't approved to feature this contact," then you've got been blocked evidently.
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